Green Acres Golf. Your place for great golf every day.

Golf in Second Life

Green Acres Golf Course has rapidly become one of the “really gotta go to” destinations for Second Life residents. This golf course is designed on one low-lag region featuring highly scenic landscaping worthy of the best golf courses. In fact many visitors say it is the best virtual golf course you can find anywhere, including MS, PS and xBox.

Expert designers gave this 18-hole course the natural feel of playing classic Pebble Beach in CA and St Andrews in Scotland. The course features authentic St Andrews bunkers as well as the wind-swept seaside atmosphere of California’s Carmel Coast as well as the St Andrews region of Scotland. All this gives the place a wonderful personality that promotes great golfing and great conversations among golfers that makes golfs such a wonderful sport for everyone to play.

The landing point brings you in on the sunset coast of the region. You walk just a few steps to the first tee box to pick up your free golf clubs and the HUD to control them. The golf instructions are easy, and there are always other golfers around who are glad to answer any questions. The HUD will even give you first time instructions if you like, and there is a free golf dictionary too.

The course will always free to play for those who join the Green Acres Golf Group. The course is not yet a year old, yet it is already the largest golf group in Second Life.
The course is always open for people who want to golf, and tournament play is never allowed to interfere with people who just want to play golf with their friends.
But, open tournaments with prize money are held from time to time.

The little shop off to the side of the sixth green offers a variety of free items, including golf shirts, sun visor, ice skates for the frozen pond in winter, and texting animation iPads and iPhones.

Everyone is always welcome at Green Acres Golf course. It is the place for great golf in Second Life every day.

Morton Decosta


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