VBA History

Gladiola Mistwallow-Bodenhall
VP, Marketing
Virtual Basketball Association


Alpha Cold Arena, December 15, 2010 – Don Asadar, Chairman and Commissioner of the Virtual Basketball Assocation (VBA) announces its debut to the Second Life community. The VBA is the premier basketball league in Second Life consisting of 30 teams mirroring the rl league.

Games inworld, outworld and with NBA Live 2K11 will be played like a realistic game of basketball using a full court – complete with animations for the participants – shooting, slam dunking, dribbling and even stealing the ball from opponents. All scores for games played will be tracked and you will be able to review progress using the VBA website (http://vba-bball.com/), ultimately leading the East and West Conferences to the Championship at the Alpha Cold Arena!

The VBA wants you! We’re currently looking to fill roles in team management (General Managers, Coaches), Players and Cheerleaders. Now is your chance to play for the team of your dreams. Visit the VBA Recruiting Center on the Alpha Cold Arena to pick up an application or speak with Kings Valentine, VP, Technology for more information.

Interested in owning a franchise team? Speak with Emerald Ishtari, VP of Development or Don Asadar directly for more information.

The VBA audience is vast within and outside of the virtual community – promising to be the most recognized sports league in Second Life. We offer a variety of outlets to reach our fans, VBA Magazine, Alpha Cold Arena Mall, Alpha league club, broadcasts inworld, radio, special events and interactive advertising. Interested in a store in the Alpha Cold Arena? Speak with TOPAZ Collins, VP of Sim Operations for more information.

Interested in reaching out to our fan base by advertising your business? Interested in co-sponsoring a VBA event? Speak with Gladiola Mistwallow-Bodenhall , VP of Marketing for more information.


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