Management Position Available with the Virtual Basketball Association (VBA)

::::: SecondLife’s Premier Basketball League ::::::

Don Asadar, CEO/Commissioner of the Virtual Basketball Association (VBA) is seeking a Chief Operating Officer to complete his senior management team.  The VBA is SecondLife’s premier basketball league.  The ultimate candidate will be a sports enthusiast, personable, team leader and be able to provide direction as well as coordinate all activities of the VBA – reporting directly to the CEO /Commissioner.

Interested applicants should pass a notecard to Gladiola Mistwallow for an appointment.


OBJECTIVE:  The Chief Operating Officer (COO) will provide leadership and direction as well as coordinate all activities of the VBA in accordance with the goals and objectives of the organization, to safeguard and grow the assets of the VBA for future generations while providing sound returns for the team owners of the VBA.

The COO is invested with broad responsibilities and authority. Portions of these can be delegated in accordance
with the operational scheme of delegation approved by the CEO/Commissioner but not the overall responsibility of the sustainability and profitability of the business.  The COO will be the Chair of the Management Team of the VBA.

1. To be responsible for managing all relevant resources (i.e. people, finance and assets)
–    To develop and lead effective team working, which results in self managing teams with a sense of collective responsibility and purpose and which provides mutual support and learning both within and across teams.
–    To advise the CEO/Commissioner about future service needs of the VBA to ensure that all resources are adequately planned for and managed;
–    To contribute to the business plan, to develop corporate plans and ensure that departmental plans are carried out
–    Regularly review and monitor delegated budget responsibilities in accordance with the scheme of delegations to ensure that budget allocations are being used effectively and efficiently
–    To act as a role model by continuously developing own skills and knowledge in accordance with the VBA.

2. To provide appropriate Leadership for change:
–    To review business delivery to meet changing needs and demands and implement any necessary changes,
–    involving staff individually and in teams and encouraging and developing employees to operate flexibly to meet such changes;
–    To actively promote learning, innovation and change in a ‘can-do’ environment, recognizing and rewarding contributions and addressing development needs at team and individual level.

3. To work effectively with others:
–    To develop and sustain effective working relationships with all internal and external stakeholders and contacts;
–    To work in a collaborative and supportive way with peers to tackle cross cutting issues as directed by the CEO/Commissioner.

4. To ensure the effective management of performance including:
–    To contribute to the implementation of the VBA’s performance management framework
–    To proactively manage absenteeism firmly but fairly to ensure that absence reduction targets are achieved
–    To ensure appropriate arrangements for the management of risk and the promotion of a ‘no blame’ culture.

5. To contribute to developing and promoting a corporate focus:-
–    To lead on the contribution for the strategic direction of the VBA through the effective implementation of corporate policies, strategies and procedures.
–    To proactively contribute to and champion effective internal and external communications, ensuring that not only do employees understand their department but also the VBA’s aims and objectives (and are able to contribute effectively to achieving these).
–    To facilitate constructive and effective board, management and employees relationships.

6. To create value for owners and stakeholders:-
–    To promote and monitor owner care standards and ensure that these are communicated and understood at all levels
–    To identify, monitor and review owner needs and demands through regular feedback from players and frontline staff;
–    To liaise with others across the organization and externally to meet owners needs and demands


–    The Chief Operating Officer is accountable to the CEO/Commissioner as well as for internal relationships with direct reports and for external relationships with suppliers, customers, and the industry.
–    The conduct of these relationships may be delegated but not so far as to avoid the ultimate accountability for the morale of the employees, the image of the VBA or its standing in the community at large.
–    Chair the VBA’s Operations Management Team meeting.
–    Develop strategies and policies for the efficient and effective management for the organization.
–    Co-ordinate the election of members of Executive Management Board


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Twitter – Follow our page – VBA_Basketball


All media inquiries, please see:  Gladiola Mistwallow, Vice President Marketing, VBA



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