VWE PRIMETIME August 3rd 2011 live at 5 PM SLT

Its Wednesday Night Primetime VWE Fans! We have gotten a Message from the VWE Chairman Stuart Warf intends to kick off this edition of Primetime with an important announcement regarding the VWE Women’s Championship picture.

To find out what could have caused the Chairman to address this situation, you’ll have to tune in at 5PM  SLT.

We also have 4 great matches for you on this Episode of VWE Primetime!

The Main Event of the Night will be the match between Sam the Man and “The Marine” Orobin Thor in one on one Action. This will be a match for the Ages, as we know that Sam is a strong competitor in the Ring. But never count the Marine out. He has proven to be a strong wrestler him self.

A lot is going to happen on Primetime. So make sure you don’t miss it live at 6 PM SLT on MetaMix TV!

Watch VWE Primetime LIVE and in HD only on MetaMix TV!

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/MetaMix%20Studios/189/110/37


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