August 10, 2011
WORK WITH THE VBA! The Virtual Basketball Association is SecondLife’s premier basketball league!  Season One is underway and new, exciting  developments are on the horizon.  Here’s your opportunity to be part of an amazing project!

The VBA is looking for a dedicated individual or team to assist the VBA in their marketing goals.  Interested parties, please contact Gladiola Mistwallow and/or visit the Alpha Cold sim.


Position Summary
The Vice President of Marketing reports to the CEO and is a member of the VBA’s executive team.  He/She will be responsible for providing executive leadership and management of the VBA’s marketing organization and marketing activities.

•    Define the appropriate marketing organization to match the growth of the VBA.
•    Be a role model for the VBA culture.
•    Oversee marketing communications including branding, public relations, advertising, collateral materials, website content, special events and internet presence.
•    Work closely with the VP’s of Development, Technology and Operations to develop and manage partner strategies and programs.
•    Develop and manage the VBA’s marketing budget.
•    Develop and track metrics and success criteria for all marketing programs and activities.
•    Act as spokesperson or facilitate a spokesperson for the VBA with press.


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