VWE EDGE August 26th LIVE at 6 PM SLT

VWE EDGE live at 6 PM SLT only on MetaMix TV in HD! We are only one week away from the biggest match in VWE History, the ELIMINATION ROYALE! 30 of the VWE Superstars will compete in this match! The match can only be won by over the top rope elimination. Last years winner was Derrick Cult. This Year price is a little bit different. While the man fight for the Main Event spot at Wrestleseries 3 in December, the Bombshells are fighting for the VWE Women’s Championship. The last Bombshell standing will be the new VWE Women’s Champion. A lot is at stake at the Elimination Royale. What will happen on EDGE and Primetime? There is only one way to Find out. BE THERE!

But today on EDGE we will see the VWE Tag Team Championship on the line. The Number one Contenders Big Money will challenge the Champions Ascension in the Main Event! Also the VWE Chaiman Stuart Warf has announced that Benbe Kirax will face an unknown opponent today. Who will it be? Jenn Parkin will face Rubie Jules. Rubie requested the match to get some Payback from Jenn. The tension in the Bombshell locker room is intense. the Queens of Anarchy defiantly did some impact in the recent weeks. Will Jenn fight one on one? Or will Akasha be there to help her partner out? VWE EDGE live at 6 PM SLT live only on MetaMix TV!

Watch VWE EDGE live in HD only on MetaMix TV!


Match 1:
Alexius Gant VS Nathan Wynd

Match 2:
Rubie Jules VS Jenn Parkin

Match 3: 
Benbe Kirax VS To be Announced

Main Event: *Tag Team Title Match*
Ascension (c) VS Big Money

Card is Subject to Change!


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