VWE Primetime September 14th 2011 live at 5 PM SLT

Its VWE Primetime live at 5 PM SLT live on MetaMix TV! Last week on Primetime we saw the VWE Chairman Stuart Warf kicking out Bryce Ketterley and Surik Oanomochi out of Ascension. Not really happy about their lack of success, Stuart booted both of them and announced that he is now looking for new Members for Ascension. Who will it be? What Aces does Stuart have up his sleeve? Also our Main Event for the night will be for the VWE European Championship when Kayden Hydroconis will defend his Championship against his former Tag Team Partner Cody Houley. rumors say that Cody went into the Chairman Office demanding a title shot to shut Kayden up for good. The Chairman granted the wish and booked the match for this weeks Primetime. Will we see a new European Champion? Will Kayden be able to over come the size disadvantage? There is only one Way to find out! Watch VWE Primetime live at 5 PM SLT!

Watch VWE Primetime live at 5 PM SLT in HD on MetaMix TV! CLick here to watch live for free:http://metamixtv.com/watch-live/


Match 1: 
“Psycho Sozial” Kevin VS Tony “Lil T” Hanson

Match 2: 
Struk Brothers VS Redemption

Match 3:
Sandra Olrich VS Christina Krovac

Main Event: VWE European Championship Match
Kayden Hydroconis (c) vs. Cody Houley

Card is subject to change!



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