LFV Club Championship 2011

The next LFV Soccer competition is ready:


International Club Tournament

  • First part:  Groups league mode (1 match vs each opponent)
  • Second part:  Cup mode (home/away matches)
  • Third part: The Final (only 1 match)
  • Free to play
  • A prize in lindens: The final prize will be L$10,000

1st position: L$ 6,500
2nd position: L$ 2,500
3rd position: L$1,000

  • The inscriptions are opened until 9th December at 3:01 pm SLT
  • The calendar will be on 10th December
  • The tournament starts on 12th December
  • We only will accept to that teams that have +10 players on the web and that played one match as least
  1. It is no allowed to change the hud during the match. Change is allowed only in very exceptional cases, in case the referee allows it.
  2. The match must begin at 1.30 SLT. It calls to clubs to be 15-20 minutes before it. In case of inordinate delay (15 min or more – 1.45 SLT) the game will not be played and will end with a score of 5-0 in favor of the team has followed the rules.
  3. The game has 2 parts of 15 minutes each one.
  4. The referee shall be independent and impartial teams playing.
  5.  You play 7 vs. 7. You can not play with less than 6 players or more than 7. Never mind that no players on the bench.
  6.  Only the captain / coach speaks during the game. Not allowed to use gestures or comments of other players.
  7.  The use of gestures or insults to any player or referee is punished with a red card and expulsion from the field.
  8.  During the game can not attack the player with the ball with 4 players, only 2 players against one.
  9. You can not attack the goalkeeper and you must allow him to make his serve/shoot.
  10. If a team only has 5 or fewer players on the pitch, the match will finish there. It will take into account the score until that moment, adding an additional 5-0, because of the abandoning the offending team.
  11. The players’ transfer market is always open during the tournament, but last-minute signings are not accepted. Be considered valid, if transfer is made 24 hours before the game. The team must have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 players.
  12. The use of alters, means the elimination of the player of the tournament.
  13. Any attempt at deception (use of other HUDs and animations), will cause the elimination of the player of the tournament. Only give one warning.
  14. To postpone a game, you must notify 48 hours before and agree with the opposing team. Both must agree to change the match date.
  15. Only one change of goalkeeper during the match. And only stop the game if the goalkeeper falls, will not stop if a player falls.

Any other rules will be followed using the LFV official rules.


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