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LFV Marketplace System

On 3rd January 2013, we updated a new system in our community:

– LFV Marketplace system

Now, all users can create and sell items directly in our website.

All sport stores are welcome, to upload their items and make their business in our commmunity.

Are you already registered on website?

– You only need to login and follow the link of the store:
– download here the LFV box item, to have your item server to rez in your SIM:
– Use the object LFV stand store, to add money in your account. From our website, you are able to withdraw money directly from website to SL account

Are you NOT registered on website?

– Please register using “register object” that you find here:
– The system will give you a tem password for first login on website
– Change your temp password with one that you will remind in future
– Follow the link of the store:
– download here the LFV box item, to have your item server to rez in your SIM:
– Use the object LFV stand store, to add money in your account. From our website, you are able to withdraw money directly from website to SL account


QUESTIONS/TICKETS: for all kind of problems, questions, bugs found:

Contacts: Alistar Snook – alistar.snook(at) (ita / eng)
                Redlag Mayo – info(at) (esp / eng)


GOHA – Season 13 Schedule


Sun Oct 16-1:30PM-Mustangs@Mammoth-Jericho Hill Arena
Sun Oct 16-3:00PM-Whales@Cobras-Cleary Arena
Sun Oct 16-6:00PM-Wolves@Moose-Cleary Arena
Tue Oct 18-6:00PM-Polar Bears@Moose-Cleary Arena
Tue Oct 18-7:15PM-Wolves@Mustangs-Brooks Arena
Wed Oct 19-6:00PM-Mammoth@Whales-Jericho Hill Arena
Wed Oct 19-7:15PM-Cobras@Ice Lords-Cleary Arena
Thu Oct 20-6:00PM-Polar Bears@Wolves-Jericho Hill Arena
Thu Oct 20-7:15PM-Whales@Mustangs-Brooks Arena
Sat Oct 22-1:30PM-Moose@Cobras-Cleary Arena
Sat Oct 22-3:00PM-Ice Lords@Mammoth-Jericho Hill Arena


Sun Oct 16-10:30AM-Ravens@Storm-Brooks
Mon Oct 17-12:00PM-Storm@Foxes-Cleary
Wed Oct 19-12:00PM-Ravens@Blades-Brooks
Fri Oct 21-12:00PM-Foxes@Ravens-JH
Sat Oct 22-10:30AM-Blades@Storm-Brooks

Second Life Birthday Celebration

We have been acepted for the Second Life Birthday Celebration. Virtual Sports Magazine will participate in the 8th birthday of SL with the exhibit called “The magic of soccer in Second Life”, in relation with the topic of this year (the magic).

Important dates:
•June 18—Press preview.
•June 20—10:00 a.m. SLT: Gates open to the public!
•June 23—The Birthday! Special ceremonies included!
•June 26—Last day of entertainment.
•July 2—Gates close at 11:59 p.m. SLT

LFV parcel SLurl is

The 21 sims settle down for the celebration won’t be opened to the public until June 20.

VirtualGym – The future of fitness

Come on Friday 27th May for a new experience and attractive way to keep your body fit !

You think fitness in real life is too expensive ?! Well you’ve clicked on the right group. Our service is a virtual fitness in which a guide shows you the movements in Second Life and you reproduce the movements at home. If you have questions, you can ask them while doing the exercices and the guide answers you immediately.
You will be able to try exercices like Yoga, Tai-Chi, Sits Up and Fitness exercices.
We will be there to welcome you from 1:00 PDT so come with your friends and enjoy the new experience !!!

Venue :

VWE Golden Ropes Award 2011 today at 6 PM SLT!

Virtual Wrestling Entertainment is having there annual Golden Ropes Award today at 6 PM SLT in the MetaDome Convention Center. We will honor the best of the best who made an Impact in different category’s. Who will win an Award? Who is on the List? What Category’s are there? Read the attached Note card for more information and Landmark. Dress Code is Formal. So Suits and Gowns. We are looking forward to see you at the GRA!

VWE Golden Ropes Award SATURDAY MAY 14th 6 PM SLT in the MetaDome Convencion Center.

Superstar of the Year
Adune Snowpaw
Loody Graves
Seth Cameron
Benja Nirvana
Derrick Cult
Brakman Wylder
Benbe Kirax
Sam the Man

Bombshell of the Year
Jenn Parkin
Nanny Gothly
Elisa Riddler
Sierra Charisma
Tyress Serevi
Lee Valentine
Akasha Faulkes

Breakout of the Year
Bryce Ketterley
MadMax Vaher
Jackson Doune
Surik Oanomochi
Benja Nirvana
Nick Firecaster

Breakout Bombshell of the Year
Cinthia Falmer
Andrea Fawcett
Rubie Jules
Jessica Hykova
Briana Afterthought
Charisma Aries

Rookie of the Year
Orobin Thor
TJ Tyler
Cody Houley
Xannder Schumann
Alexius Gant
Bannock Ogg

Rookie Bombshell of the Year
Summer MacIntyre
Genesys Giano
Christina Krovac
Alexa Zlatkis
Hilary Lanifer
Maria Mannequin

Match of the Year
6 MAN World Heavyweight Championship Scramble – VWE EDGE Debut on MetaMix TV
Brakman Wylder Vs. Alexius Gant – Girls Night Out 2011
Jenn Parkin Vs. Derrick Cult – Girls Night Out 2011
Juvie Hall Girlz Vs. Shore Patrol – FrostByte 2011
Benbe Kirax Vs. Adune Snowpaw – Frostbyte 2011
Tyress Serevi Vs. Jenn Parkin – WrestleSeries II
Derrick Cult Vs. Tony Da Tiger Vs. Loody Graves – WrestleSeries II
Sam the Man Vs. Brakman Wylder – Six Feet Under 2010
30 Person Elimination Royale Match – Elimination Royale 2010
Adune Snowpaw Vs. MadMax Vaher – Massacre 2010
Sierra Charisma Vs. Nanny Gothly – Massacre 2010
Akasha Faulkes Vs. Tyress Serevi – BeachBrawl 2010
FATAL 4 WAY World Heavyweight Championship Match – BeachBrawl 2010
Loody Graves Vs. Seth Cameron – OverDrive 2010
Akasha Faulkes Vs. Vendetta Zabaleta – OverDrive 2010
Team VWE Vs. Impac Mafia – Versus 2010
Jenn Parkin Vs. Kimberly Soulstar – Versus 2010

Feud of the Year
Seth Cameron Vs. Awesome Inc.
Brakman Wylder Vs. Sam the Man
Jenn Parkin Vs. Kimberly Soulstar
Adune Snowpaw Vs. Benbe Kirax
Wolfy Kessel Vs. Acheron Nightfire
Jenn Parkin Vs. Tyress Serevi
The New Revolution Vs. Royal Regime
Wolfy Kessel Vs MadMax Vaher
Benja Nirvana Vs. Bannock Ogg
Shore Patrol Vs. Looks That Kill
Vendetta Vs. Sierra Charisma
Seth Cameron Vs. Brakman Wylder

Moment of the Year
Ascension forms at FrostByte.
Seth Cameron Returns at Old School after almost Four Months and Challenges Brakman Wylder.
Benbe Kirax Returns at WrestleSeries II.
Wolfy and Shinja become Co. United States Champions.
Derrick Cult wins Elimination Royale.
Benja Nirvana wins King of the Arena.
Tyress dives off the Tron, driving Jenn Parkin through a Table.
Stuart Warf announced as Chairman of the VWE.
Bryce Ketterley loses his Undefeated Streak at Fallout.
Loody Graves reads from the book of Awesome.
Jenn Parkin Wins the World Heavyweight Championship at Girls Night Out.
Jessica Hykova Retires from VWE.

Event of the Year
Versus 2010
Overdrive 2010
Beachbrawl 2010
Massacre 2010
Elimination Royale 2010
Six Feet Under 2010
Old School 2010
WrestleSeries II
Fallout 2011
FrostByte 2011
Girls Night Out 2011

Referee of the Year
Tyress Serevi
Caine Taurus
Nicholas Bellic
Jackson Doune

Manager of the Year
Giulia Singletary (Lady Letov)
Rubie Jules
Jessica Hykova
Loody Graves
Savannah Mohegan
Maxine Endrizzi

Commentator of the Year
Arawn Ronas
Wildfire Morgwain
Loody Graves
Benbe Kirax
Xannder Schumann
Benja Nirvana

Show of the Year
VWE Primetime

Tag-Team of the Year
Juvie Hall Girlz
Night Terrors
Awesome Inc.
Looks that Kill
Shore Patrol
The Wyld Aces

Stable of the Year
Royal Regime
Impac Mafia
The New Revolution
New Age Rebels
Fatal Attraction

Face of the Year
Benbe Kirax
Adune Snowpaw
Brakman Wylder
Nanny Gothly
Tyress Serevi
Derrick Cult

Heel of the Year
Seth Cameron
Loody Graves
Sam the Man
Sierra Charisma
Elisa Riddler
Vendetta Zabaleta

Finishing/Signature Move of the Year
Simply Awesome – Loody Graves
Elimination Device – Seth Cameron
Awesomesauce – Vendetta
Lights Out Stunner – Derrick Cult
Brak Driver – Brakman Wylder
Dead Man’s Hand – Benja Nirvana
Go 2 Sleep – Jenn Parkin
KABO Kick – Sierra Charisma
The Verdict – Adune Snowpaw
The Midnight Hour – Wolfy Kessel
Hero DDT – Benbe Kirax
Black Hole – Tyress Serevi


We are only 16 Days away from one of the biggest Free Per Views of the Year, King of the Arena! 4 Matches are scheduled for tonight! We will see Briana Afterthought against “The Nova” Tyress Serevi for the Queen of the Arena Tournament. The Main Event for today is the King of the Arena Tournament match between “The Gavel” Adune Snowpaw against Sam the Man. Who will advance in this tournament? What will Ascension have planed for this show? More Information here:

3rd Annual International Games

The third annual International Games have started at WIN. Come visit Warrior Instinct sim to cheer on your favorite superstar boxers along with your favorite country. Full Game schedule available to see at