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Last Sunday 19th was the trophy ceremony of the ILFV – season II, where Arsenal fc was the team that won the tournament.

The individual prizes were for Mattew Eames (Sampdoria SL) as best scorer, Enoutzon Blinker (Indargazte ft) as best goalkeeper and Basajaun Uriza (Indargazte ft) as best player of the championship.

Here is the video of the tournament.


On last Friday, April 29th, we have updated the new version of ALL the system in all LFV fields. This continues beeing a beta, so probably we will need to calibrate it a bit and add some other things. Anyway, we will continue working on it.

Finally, we would like to say that this won’t be the “final version of LFV hud” (unless each update we will be closer to it), this means that we will continue working in improving the hud, sure.