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GOHA – Season 13 Schedule


Sun Oct 16-1:30PM-Mustangs@Mammoth-Jericho Hill Arena
Sun Oct 16-3:00PM-Whales@Cobras-Cleary Arena
Sun Oct 16-6:00PM-Wolves@Moose-Cleary Arena
Tue Oct 18-6:00PM-Polar Bears@Moose-Cleary Arena
Tue Oct 18-7:15PM-Wolves@Mustangs-Brooks Arena
Wed Oct 19-6:00PM-Mammoth@Whales-Jericho Hill Arena
Wed Oct 19-7:15PM-Cobras@Ice Lords-Cleary Arena
Thu Oct 20-6:00PM-Polar Bears@Wolves-Jericho Hill Arena
Thu Oct 20-7:15PM-Whales@Mustangs-Brooks Arena
Sat Oct 22-1:30PM-Moose@Cobras-Cleary Arena
Sat Oct 22-3:00PM-Ice Lords@Mammoth-Jericho Hill Arena


Sun Oct 16-10:30AM-Ravens@Storm-Brooks
Mon Oct 17-12:00PM-Storm@Foxes-Cleary
Wed Oct 19-12:00PM-Ravens@Blades-Brooks
Fri Oct 21-12:00PM-Foxes@Ravens-JH
Sat Oct 22-10:30AM-Blades@Storm-Brooks


Looking for some fresh rookies

For GOHA Ice Hockey league: We’re looking to get some more rookies on the lineup–particularly European time zones. Everything’s free, just contact me or Katia Ixtab and we’ll get you started.

Ice Lords win GOHA Championship

The Global Online Hockey Association championship came to a conclusion last night, as the Ice Lords finally elimanted the gallant Mammoth squad.

Season 11 went the distance, and when it was all said and done, the Ice Lords lived up to their name.

The Puckettes cheered non-stop and shouted lots of encouragement. I was quoting Obama’s State Of The Union speech a lot, trying to work our President’s speech into a hockey context. “The Ice Lords will out-build, out-educate, out-something else…” My sense of humor is such that I’m very lucky that I’m pretty.

Note that, in the picture, the Ice lords invited the Mammoth team over to pose for the pics I took, which I thought was kind of classy. Sorry the picture is somewhat dark, but I was sitting on the ice in a short skirt, and my emphasis was more Quickness than Quality.
Anyhow, congrats to the Ice Lords, your GOHA champions!