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VWE EDGE September 23th LIVE at 6 PM SLT

Arena! Live Stream: 

VWE Primetime September 14th 2011 live at 5 PM SLT

Its VWE Primetime live at 5 PM SLT live on MetaMix TV! Last week on Primetime we saw the VWE Chairman Stuart Warf kicking out Bryce Ketterley and Surik Oanomochi out of Ascension. Not really happy about their lack of success, Stuart booted both of them and announced that he is now looking for new Members for Ascension. Who will it be? What Aces does Stuart have up his sleeve? Also our Main Event for the night will be for the VWE European Championship when Kayden Hydroconis will defend his Championship against his former Tag Team Partner Cody Houley. rumors say that Cody went into the Chairman Office demanding a title shot to shut Kayden up for good. The Chairman granted the wish and booked the match for this weeks Primetime. Will we see a new European Champion? Will Kayden be able to over come the size disadvantage? There is only one Way to find out! Watch VWE Primetime live at 5 PM SLT!

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Match 1: 
“Psycho Sozial” Kevin VS Tony “Lil T” Hanson

Match 2: 
Struk Brothers VS Redemption

Match 3:
Sandra Olrich VS Christina Krovac

Main Event: VWE European Championship Match
Kayden Hydroconis (c) vs. Cody Houley

Card is subject to change!


VWE Elimination Royale This Friday at 5PM SLT

The VWE Grid is buzzing with anticipation for this Friday’s epic event, VWE Elimination Royale. With the World Heavyweight Championship at stake as well as a new Women’s Champion to be declared, it’s already guaranteed to be an epic event. But let’s not forget that the winner of the Elimination Royale bags themselves a Main Event place on the biggest stage of the year, Wrestleseries III.

Watching the Elimination Royale

There are several ways that you can watch this years Elimination Royale live. If you click here, you can reserve your place in the arena for the event and order a ticket to see the Royale live in person. You will not be able to visit the event in-world otherwise.

As always you can watch live on the stream at at 4:30pm PST (7:30PM EST/12:30AM GMT) and watch the Elimination Royale pre-show as well as the event live in HD.


Seth Cameron vs. Benbe Kirax

A fued that has been around since the beginning of the VWE’s existance will be decided in this epic “Three Stages of Hell”. This match is guaranteed to be a classic match that you certainly do not want to miss.

The Three Stages of Hell

As Benbe Kirax announced on the latest edition of VWE EDGE, this feud will be decided in a three stages of hell match. Essentially the winner of this match will be whoever can score two victories in the first match.

Round One – Pinfall Only Match

The first round will be a standard match where normal rules will apply and the way to win the round is via pinfall only.

Round Two – First Blood Match

The next fall in the match is where the match will start to get nastier as we enter the First Blood realm of the match.A first blood match is a no-disqualification match where the only way to win the match is to make your opponent bleed.

Round Three – Six Sides of Steel

Should the match not be over by the second fall, We will then enter the six sides of steel. As the Elimination Royale is one of the few events in the year where a six-sided ring is utilised, the ring will be surrounded by six sides of steel. Essentially the match is your typical steel cage match and is a sure fire way to shorten anybody’s career the moment they step inside the ring.

By the sheer design of this match, there will be absolutely no way out for both Seth Cameron and Benbe Kirax in this match and at the end of the night, we will have a world champion, but will both competitors survive this dangerous match?

30-Man Elimination Royale Match

As always with the Elimination Royale Free-Per-View. The highlight match of the night will be the 30 person over-the-top rope Battle Royale match in which the winner of the match will receive a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at the biggest event of the year, Wrestleseries III.

During this match we will also see the vacant VWE Women’s Championship being decided as the former champion decided to leave the company after vacating the championship.

Competitors Confirmed for the Elimination Royale

Sam The Man, Brakman Wylder, Ascension, Alexius Gant, Nathan Wynd, Cody Houley, Orobin Thor and more.

As always with the Elimination Royale match, except nothing but shocks and surprises.

VWE Primetime August 31st 2011 Live at 5 PM SLT!

It’s Wednesday Night Primetime and we are just two days away from the Elimination Royale Free-Per-View and things are heating up in the VWE Locker Room.

We have four exciting matches on the card for you tonight as well as some interviews from your favourite superstars about this Friday’s epic event.


Match 1: 
Surik Oanomochi VS Kevin Costello

Match 2: 
John Struk VS Cody Houley

Match 3: 
Jenn Parkin VS Christina Krovac

Main Event:
Bryce Ketterley VS Sam the Man

Card is subject to change!

VWE EDGE August 26th LIVE at 6 PM SLT

VWE EDGE live at 6 PM SLT only on MetaMix TV in HD! We are only one week away from the biggest match in VWE History, the ELIMINATION ROYALE! 30 of the VWE Superstars will compete in this match! The match can only be won by over the top rope elimination. Last years winner was Derrick Cult. This Year price is a little bit different. While the man fight for the Main Event spot at Wrestleseries 3 in December, the Bombshells are fighting for the VWE Women’s Championship. The last Bombshell standing will be the new VWE Women’s Champion. A lot is at stake at the Elimination Royale. What will happen on EDGE and Primetime? There is only one way to Find out. BE THERE!

But today on EDGE we will see the VWE Tag Team Championship on the line. The Number one Contenders Big Money will challenge the Champions Ascension in the Main Event! Also the VWE Chaiman Stuart Warf has announced that Benbe Kirax will face an unknown opponent today. Who will it be? Jenn Parkin will face Rubie Jules. Rubie requested the match to get some Payback from Jenn. The tension in the Bombshell locker room is intense. the Queens of Anarchy defiantly did some impact in the recent weeks. Will Jenn fight one on one? Or will Akasha be there to help her partner out? VWE EDGE live at 6 PM SLT live only on MetaMix TV!

Watch VWE EDGE live in HD only on MetaMix TV!


Match 1:
Alexius Gant VS Nathan Wynd

Match 2:
Rubie Jules VS Jenn Parkin

Match 3: 
Benbe Kirax VS To be Announced

Main Event: *Tag Team Title Match*
Ascension (c) VS Big Money

Card is Subject to Change!

VWE Primetime August 24th 5 PM SLT

Its Wednesday Primetime and we are only 9 Days away from the biggest match in SL Wrestling History! VWE ELIMINATION ROYALE LIVE September 2nd 2011 at 5 PM SLT live only on MetaMix TV!

Jackson Doune will defend his United States Championship against the Marine Orobin Thor in the Main Event! Last week on EDGE Jackson came out and stated that he is not afraid to face anybody for his United States Championship. And the VWE Chairman Stuart Warf scheduled Orobin Thor to be Jacksons next challenger for the Gold. Two Big Guys will face in the middle of the ring to fight for the VWE United States Championship. Only one man can win. Will we see a successful title defense or will we see a new Champion?

We will also see The Code Cody Houley face Jay Fox in the opening Contest. Cody and Kayden have been thrown together in the Tag Team Lottery a couple of weeks ago but the team is not working well together. Kayden leaving the ring a couple od times leaving Cody alone fighting for the Team. After Kayden won the VWE European Championship 2 Weeks ago on EDGE of Brakman Wylder in a Fatal 4 Way Match, Kaydens attitude changed. Cody told Kayden in his face that he does not agree with Kaydens actions and made clear that at Elimination Royale he will not pull any punches to eliminate Kayden in that match. A lot of tension between these two Wrestlers.

We will see Kayden Hydroconis face Justin Struk in a Non-Title Match. As it has been already been said that the tension between Kayden and Cody is intense, there is the possibility that Cody will interfere in the match to inflict damage on Kayden to prove his point. Will Cody stick his nose in his Tag Team Partners match? Or will he stay away from Kayden? Will John Struk help his Brother and Tag Team Partner Justin? Will he perhaps make sure that nothing happens to this match? Or will he interfere in this match himself? We will see!

We will see Bombshell Action on Primetime! Rubie Jules will duke it out in the ring against Briana Afterthought. Last week we saw the formation of ” The Queens of Anarchy”. Akasha Faulkes and Jenn Parkin are now a Team and their first victim was Tyress. After an intense Match between Akasha and Tyress that ended in a Disqualification in favour of Tyress when Akasha took a lead pipe and used it against Tyress in the old fashion ” Beat her to a bloody mess” when all of a sudden Jenn Parkin came down to the ring for Tyress’s rescue. It looked like Jenn is helping Tyress up but instead she was sending Tyress to sleep with her GTS Finishing move. Akasha went on Mic and announced the formation of ” Queens of Anarchy” with the words: “You have all entered the era of Survival “…” VWE is our Kingdom and we rule it the way we want “…” We have no rules, we have no Limit! Now kneel before the Queens of Anarchy!” Needless to say that the Crowd in the MeteDome was not happy and made sure there voice have been heard. One of the fans shouted: ” It sucks to be a Bombshell now hu? ” wich is perhaps true. The new era of “QOA” has begone in the VWE. Will Akasha and Jenn be at Primetime? Or will they have ” A nice day” and enjoy thier new ” Kingdom “? We will see what happens next on VWE Primetime!

Watch VWE Primetime LIVE at 5 PM SLT in HD only on


Match 1:
Cody Houley VS Jay Fox

Match 2: 
Kayden Hydroconis & Justin Struk

Match 3: 
Rubie Jules VS Briana Afterthought


Jackson Doune VS Orobin Thor

Card is Subject to change!


VWE EDGE August 19th 2011 live at 6 PM SLT!

It’s VWE Friday Night EDGE! One Week after his win in the 4 Way Match against Brakman Wylder, jackson Doune and Bryce Ketterley, Kayden Hydroconis has to defend his Championship for the first time against a Opponant that is well-known. He has to defend it against no other than Sam The Man! The European Championship is on the line and Kayden has to pray to the Gods that they help him defending his Championship!

Also tonight we will see the number One contender match for the Tag Team Championship! The Struk Brothers will face Big Money for the Number One Spot! Who will come out victorious? Who will go to next weeks EDGE and challenging the Champions Bryce Ketterley and Surik Oanomochi?

We also have a Bombshell Match between ” The Uncanny Enigma” Akasha Faulkes vs “The Nova” Tyress Serevi. Akasha caused a lot of trouble in the last two weeks. Calling the Bombshells “Bimbos”. Akasha made clear that she should be the Women’s Champion now because she is the only ” Pure Talent ” in the VWE. She made an Enemy already with Jenn Parkin after her Tag Team match with Rubie against Christina and Hilary on Primetime a week ago. A lot of tension between these veteran Bombshells. The Chairman has doubled the Security today to prevent any chaos today for the Akasha and Tyress Match.

What will happen next? We don’t know. There is only one thing to find out… Be there in the MetaDome or watch it LIVE in HD on MetaMix TV!

Watch VWE EDGE live at 6 PM SLT in HD only on


Match 1: 
Josh Poffo VS Kevin


Struk Brothers VS Big Money

Match 3: 
Akasha Faulkes VS Tyress Serevi

Main Event European Championship Match
Kayden Hydroconis (c) VS Sam The Man

Card is Subject to Change!